The People Behind Business Success

We’re the people behind business
success. Bringing great people and
great companies together. Offering
a comprehensive portfolio of
employee services that help you find,
nurture, and grow the employees you
need to succeed.


Finding the People You Need to Succeed

We lead a collaborative, exhaustive, diligent, yet urgent executive search process that delivers highly qualified candidates for every level of your organization.


Wherever the Need, We Can Help

Through collaborative national partnerships we lead the employee recruitment, placement, and even management of qualified employees with the critical skills you need to staff and support your business growth.


Help in Pursuing What’s Next

Our Career Transition Services ensure a smooth transition upon employee separation by delivering the training, guidance and strategic resources that build confidence and support the pursuit of new opportunities.


Growing Your People and Your Company

Our experienced coaches maximize the leadership and management skills of key employees across all levels of an organization to help improve business success.


Reducing Hiring Costs. Improving the Hiring Process.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing will help you reduce hiring costs, streamline the recruiting process, increase the quality of candidates, and gain a competitive edge.


Serving as an Extension of
Your HR Team.

Our Human Resources Consulting will help you strategically integrate effective, “best practice” HR processes, programs and practices into your daily operations to help you better serve your employees.


International Scope.
Local Service.

ER Associates clients include a wide range of local, regional, national, and multinational firms across diverse industry segments.



QDental selected ER Associates to help with their executive search, and was pleased with the results.

“ER Associates is a top notch professional firm in their approach, communication and results. They met every promise and expectation set forth on the front end. And, ER Associates is a great, fun business environment. The ER Associates team is energetic, enthusiastic and positive. I am so happy that we engaged with ER Associates for our executive search.”

Bill Foltyn, CEO - QDental

Common Job Description Mistakes

A job description outlines the duties and responsibilities of a given position, and the qualifications an individual must have in order to successfully perform the job. Well-crafted job descriptions can help employers set clear expectations for employees and align individual goals with the overall goals of the company. However, all too often job descriptions lack essential information, are used inconsistently, or are rarely updated. The following are eight common job description mistakes and how to avoid them.


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