The People Behind Business Success

We’re the people behind business
success. Bringing great people and
great companies together. Offering
a comprehensive portfolio of
employee services that help you find,
nurture, and grow the employees you
need to succeed.


Finding the People You Need to Succeed

We lead a collaborative, exhaustive, diligent, yet urgent executive search process that delivers highly qualified candidates for every level of your organization.


Wherever the Need, We Can Help

Through collaborative national partnerships we lead the employee recruitment, placement, and even management of qualified employees with the critical skills you need to staff and support your business growth.


Help in Pursuing What’s Next

Our Career Transition Services ensure a smooth transition upon employee separation by delivering the training, guidance and strategic resources that build confidence and support the pursuit of new opportunities.


Growing Your People and Your Company

Our experienced coaches maximize the leadership and management skills of key employees across all levels of an organization to help improve business success.


Reducing Hiring Costs. Improving the Hiring Process.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing will help you reduce hiring costs, streamline the recruiting process, increase the quality of candidates, and gain a competitive edge.


Serving as an Extension of
Your HR Team.

Our Human Resources Consulting will help you strategically integrate effective, “best practice” HR processes, programs and practices into your daily operations to help you better serve your employees.


International Scope.
Local Service.

ER Associates clients include a wide range of local, regional, national, and multinational firms across diverse industry segments.



NEW! Legal Talent Search

We are experts at finding exceptional legal team members, and streamline the process to deliver highly qualified legal candidates to your organization quickly and efficiently.



Working with ER Associates as a resource to address our HR needs was a collaborative, partnered approach. Kara worked with me to customize a plan to fit our unique requirements. The entire ER team was professional and available; delivering the results I needed to be successful!

Gayle DeRose, L-Tron Corporation

Are You In or Are You Out? The Pay-to-Quit Fad

Imagine a manager calling his employee into the office and giving him an ultimatum, "If you quit right now, I'll give you $2,000." Sounds like a dream scenario, right? Well, Zappos made it a reality in 2008 in what the company calls "The Offer". And some companies have followed suit since, including Zappos' parent company Amazon, which announced it, too, would pay employees to quit in its recent letter to shareholders.

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